Rorschach Test Ease

I was not the biggest fan of The Watchmen, but the one great takeaway was Jackie Earle Haley’s performance as Rorschach. The product of a broken home and child of the state, Rorschach was further demented by the murder of a woman he grew fond of. Haley beautifully played the lunatic who seems deprived of human intimacy but continues to fight for justice in a world that doesn’t understand him. Also, that mask he wore was awesome.

I guess the biggest issue I had with the movie as a whole was its bombastic nature. Everything felt sooooo serious. Even hyper-serious movies like The Dark Knight trilogy had several moments of levity.  Even when Watchmen tried to be lighthearted, it still felt overly-brooding. But through all 3 hours of the journey, Rorschach was the only one that seemed to fit into that world.