Marvel's The Potato

The Potato

This is no slight against Guardians of the Galaxy, because the movie was fantastic. Despite a cast of characters that hardly anyone knew and an unproven male lead, Marvel produced yet another mega-hit. Trailers released earlier this year did generate a healthy amount of buzz that put the film on everyone’s summer watchlist, but GotG was not supposed to make this much. Analysts tracked the movie to debut with $65m. It ended up making 50% more with $94 million. Great reviews and awesome word-of-mouth surely helped, but Marvel seems to have created quite the  blockbuster machine.

Reminiscent of Pixar’s run in the 2000s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe consistently makes quality films. Unlike Pixar, however, Marvel’s movies almost feel like literal can’t-misses. With the Avengers as their cornerstone, all films leading up to each installment act like chapters in a long-running novel. Skipping one of these films may leave a viewer missing something in the movie they want to see. Even the 30 second post-credits teasers have become must-see fan fair.

So the Potato experiment is risky on the part of Marvel, but it will likely serve as a key component to Avengers 3. Hope you enjoy it!


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