An Act of True Love

So everyone has seen Frozen by now (literally). While the movie was enjoyable, it was far from perfect. Character decisions designed to move the plot forward were, at times, completely irrational. Anna was so desperate for love that she welcomes agrees to marry a man she just met. It’s not like she was the recluse. She could have led a normal life while her weird sister was locked up in her room. Just because it’s coronation day, she goes wild?

Elsa is an idol to little girls everywhere (mine included), but she’s a complete bitch. I get that she’s afraid of hurting people and that explains the icy demeanor toward those close to her, but once she lets the frost out of the bag, she does nothing heroic. In fact, some things are downright villainous. Like Anna comes to talk to Elsa at her ice palace and she zaps her with a freeze ray. She then makes a giant snow monster to throw her out (which nearly kills her). Girls, this is who you look up to? Anna was the courageous one who never lost sight of what was important. She loved her sister unconditionally. Rode off into the cold to save her and Arendale. Then risked her life to protect her in the end. An act of true love…and bravery. Yet if you check out the Frozen display at a local toy store, Elsa merchandise is all sold out while Anna stands alone.

So the comic. Elsa can make snow and ice. We get that. But she is also able to erect huge castles with her foot (complete with lighting and fully-functional doors)? She is able to make snowmen that come to life. And don’t forget her ability to transform the clothes that she wears. Why wouldn’t that melt when spring came in the end?

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