Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man (Credit: Marvel/Fox)

Marvel has recently revealed a few more guest voice actors set to make an appearance in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. In a move that’s sure to please nostalgia loving Spidey fans (which may or may not include yours truly,) Christopher Daniel Barnes, the voice of the titular wall crawler in 1994’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, is listed among the actors present.
Barnes will be playing an alternate universe version of the classic hero named “Spyder Knight.”

For those not up to speed on Marvel’s animated front, “Web Warriors” is the subtitled 3rd season of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, the most recent in a long line of animated series’ based off Marvel’s flagship hero, and the successor to 2008’s critically acclaimed Spectacular Spider-Man.

Web Warriors will feature an arc later in its run, dubbed “Spider-Verse,” which sees the teen aged Peter Parker from the main universe in the show meet up with several different versions of himself, most representing alternate Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) who have appeared throughout the character’s 52 year history, as they work together to defeat a foe who threatens the very foundation of the Spidey-centric multiverse.

For anyone interested in checking it out, Web Warriors is currently running now on Disney XD, every sunday at 8:00 A.M. ET, with the first part of “Spider-Verse” set to air on October 19.

(Un)Shattering Dimensions

Ultimate Spider-Man

Screw probability, they’re freakin’ Spider-Men!
(Credit: Marvel)

During its original run, Spider-Man: The Animated Series was a massive success with both critics and fans, praised for its sharp, witty writing, its ability to condense decades of its hero’s lore into tight story arcs, and of course, Barnes’ delivery as both the web slinger and Peter Parker.

Though The Animated Series was canceled in 1998, Ultimate Spider-Man isn’t the first time that Christopher Daniel Barnes has been recruited back into the franchise. Coincidentally, he’s already lent his voice to two other alternate versions of Spider-Man in video game form, in 2010’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions as “Spider-Man Noir,” and that game’s followup, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, this time as the popular “2099” version. He’s also been a guest voice on Ultimate Spider-Man before, as the villainous Electro.

Nevertheless, this marks the first time in well over a decade that Barnes has returned to voice a version of Spidey on TV, and long time fans are no doubt hoping that he’s allowed to bring the same amount of witty charm he demonstrated in the 90s show to his role in Web Warriors.

Ultimate Spider-Man Fan?

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