Yes, of course, I'm a big enough narcissist to put in a photo that includes me. 
(Photographer: William Amaya)

Anime Los Angeles 2015 Retrospective

For those crying out for the return of the most dashingly handsome anime convention field reporter this side of Walter Cronkite, cry no more! After about 2 weeks in between posts, I now bring you: Days 2 and 3 of my Anime Los Angeles coverage! Which I’ve decided to cram together with more thoughts on […]

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Credit: Anime Los Angeles

Anime Los Angeles 2015: Day 1

Throughout my long and extensive career as a hardcore, mega nerdy, super geek, I’ve taken part in many of the usual “traditions,” from midnight releases to collecting and hoarding fandom related merch, to intense debates on absolute nonsense, but the one right of passage for the perpetually locker stuffed that I had somehow managed to avoid was attending a convention.

Until a hypothetical idea between my friends and I became real, and I wound up getting on a plane to California.
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