Since it’s been publicly announced that Marvel’s poster boy is officially coming home, Spidey fans the world over have been spending the last couple months salivating at the possibility of seeing the iconic superhero reclaim the prominent spot he held in the world of film during the early to mid 2000s.
Many Marvelites have been wondering just what the house of ideas has planned for the integration of the Spider-Man franchise into their world-shattering, all-the-money-making Cinematic Universe.

Well, as we here at Plarko make no secret about lovin’ us some Spidey-Man, no matter what context he appears in, we’ve been wracking our brains with that question as well, (occasionally to the point where it haunts our dreams.)

(Some of those dreams are weirder than others.)

Our weird, weird dreams.

So, to finally give an official word on the matter, and assuage the red and blue clad voices in our heads, I’ve been tasked with combing through Spider-Man’s storied history and figuring out which of the many, many spider-tales would work best in a film adaptation.

(Full disclosure: When ideas for this list were first shot around, Civil War was the one that got the most mentions, but it won’t be included because¬†he’s already going to be in that.)

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