Hulk Vs Ironman comes to fruition in new Avengers 2 trailer

Remember when the concept art for Avengers 2 was released last summer? One picture in particular had fans buzzing above any other: Ironman in Hulk-busting armor going hand-to-hand with the Hulk himself. Naturally, no one will know for sure what will happen until the Avengers: Age of Ultron drops on May 1st. But with the release of the new trailer during Monday’s College Football national championship game, we are getting our first look at footage from that fight which seems to paint a better picture than the concept art did.

Debate raged on that the Hulk Vs Ironman bout may have been a friendly joust or training exercise РIronman taking it to the Hulk to test the limits of his technology. As you can see in the footage below, the setting essentially rules that out. They are fighting amid an urban area. Whatever is causing their quarrel is dire enough for them to put many at risk.

Hulk Vs Ironman

At one point, an in-flight Ironman takes Hulk and smashes him into the pavement like a rag doll, though not enough to stop Hulk from pulling Ironman down with him and then hurling him away. As bystanders look on, the two heroes make mince meat of the pavement.

Interesting that many glimpses throughout the entire trailer show negativity toward Tony Stark. At one point, Thor hoists him (sans Ironman suit) in the air by the neck. Seems like all of his old pals are a little steamed about his creation of Ultron.

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