The much-feared Fantastic Four reboot is now a reality. FOX has kept a tight lid on this project for months (to the point that many wondered if the film was actually being made). Other than the initial casting news and a few tidbits of information along the way, there has been little for fans to cheer (or groan) about.

Fantastic Four Trailer Review

With Tuesday’s Fantastic Four trailer release, that all changes. The two minute release plays more like a teaser in the sense it serves up enough to get excited about while giving virtually nothing away. There are no glimpses of the superhero team jumping into battle. No close-up displays of superhuman ability. Instead FOX wisely takes the time to establish its tone. This doesn’t look like a movie that is being pushed into theaters just so the studio can retain the commercial rights. Instead, this looks like a careful re-imagination of the Marvel characters. Gritty, dark, brooding. This is not your traditional Fantastic 4.

Now say what you will about how this disrespects the legacy of the characters or how it ruins any chance that the foursome will unite with the Avengers in the Infinity Gauntlet story arc. If we just analyze this movie trailer on its own, we’ve got to admit that it actually, kinda, looks good. Could they have injected a superhero flick with good sci-fi? The cinematography draw comparisons to 2001 and Aliens. While that says nothing about the plot or script, the attempt to visually set the film in a genre other than the recent flurry of superhero films is applaudable in of itself.

The small appetizers FOX has served has been a welcome strategy. Probably a response to the casting outcry, but welcome no less. When properties like Batman v Superman and Avengers drop new info every week about their upcoming films, it might be a special treat to go into the theater on August 7th not knowing the whole plot.

For now, based solely on this trailer, the verdict is: Awesome.

What did you think of the trailer?