Everyone pointed at Guardians of the Galaxy last year and said how big of a risk it was for Marvel to take on that project. More can be said about the upcoming Ant-Man movie than any other film.

Guardians of the Galaxy had a Star Wars-like feel and a killer trailer that got fans on board very quickly. Ant-Man has had nothing but questions since day one. Now that the Ant-Man trailer has dropped, the picnic basket still seems empty (that was an Ant joke).

Ant-Man Trailer Synopsis

Michael Douglas narrates a nice pep-talk to the would be Ant-Man, Paul Rudd. Throughout most of the trailer, though, there are just quick shots of people walking around. After the impassioned speech, Rudd quips “Is it too late to change the name?” Well, at least they’re in on the oldest joke in comic books.

honey-i-shrunk-the-kidsWhile true to the comics, the costume looks clunky. The infrequent clips of action look like your typical prison riot. And the big money shot looks like it came from ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’.

This has to be the most cringe-worthy superhero trailer to come out in a long time (Steel anyone?). Marvel has had a solid run, but it looks like this may actually be there first blemish. I hope not. I like risks, and this is a huge one. Maybe a new Ant-Man trailer will come out in the coming months to change my mind. But right now, things are not looking good for the tiny hero.

Verdict: BAD