Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Scenes: Too cold to hold?

Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Scenes: Too cold to hold?

With only a few weeks to go until its release, the ad campaign for Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie adaptation of EL James’s novel, is reaching a fever pitch. Much of the world is now getting intimate glimpses of the romantic scenes between the leads, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Rumors circulated throughout the filming on whether the movie was properly cast. Providing no reassurance to the doubters, the film’s re-shoot sparked rumors that the couple is lacking the extreme and intense sexual and romantic chemistry necessary for the main characters in this film, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

The highly anticipated movie is set to be released next month on Valentine’s Day, and according to US Weekly, some sex scenes between the couple are supposedly and surprisingly “undersexed”. According to that website, the producers were not happy with pieces of the movie, as the lack of chemistry and passion between Dornan and Johnson was visible. A US Weekly source to the website that they feel Dakota Johnson isn’t coming off sexy enough in her scenes. The source also believes that Anastasia Steele needs to be naive, not just a “dishrag”. However, in light of these rumors swirling, a spokesperson for Universal Pictures outright denied the rumors and told the public that, “No one should question the heat or intensity of our actors.” The studio also reaffirmed that the re-shoots are to make the film absolutely perfect, since a film adaptation of the second novel in the Fifty Shades trilogy is already under the pipeline.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Scene Rumors

Fans and critics of the film simply need to trust the actors and crew more. Why would the casting director choose the actors they did, especially picking Dakota Johnson to play Anastasia Steele, if they didn’t feel that they could pull off the part? The vast majority of the plot is romantic or sexual, if not both, in nature. The casting director and crew would not choose the actors they did if they felt the chosen actors wouldn’t be able to deliver the necessary romantic and sexual chemistry.

And as for the actors themselves, it’s not like both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson don’t know what they’re getting into by signing on and doing this movie. They are both well aware of the massive and diverse fan base of the novels, and soon, the film. So, long story short, trust in the people that cast actors, act, and direct for a living. I can guarantee a film with this level of a fan base will do well. Just remember: What the author and director interpret from the text and introduce to the screen may be different from what you wanted taken from the text and put on screen.

Do the Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Sneak-peaks do it for you? Check out the trailer below: