George Lucas’s Star Wars prequels are widely regarded as inferior to their predecessors. Not just inferior but the general consensus on the internet and the world at large is that they suck….hard. People have a tendency to overreact though, and the truth is, there are scenes in Episodes I-III where George Lucas’s earlier genius manages to shine through. Are the movies as a whole as good as the originals? Of course not! That’s a ridiculous question and I hate you for asking it. Each movie has its own signature moments, though. You just have to sift through the sea of Gungans and clones until you find them. Here’s a list in no particular order of six scenes from the prequels that wouldn’t be out of place if inserted into Episodes IV-VI.

R2D2 Saves Everyone For The First Time – Episode I The Phantom Menace:

Artoo may seem like a secondary character in the Star Wars universe but he’s singlehandedly responsible for saving the main characters—and the galaxy—several times over. He shut down the trash compactor on the Death Star before Luke,Leia, Han and Chewie could become space pancakes. He fixed the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon right before it would have been blasted to smithereens by Imperial Star Destroyers. He smuggled Luke’s light saber into Jabba’s Palace, making the rebels escape from the Sarlaac possible. Artoo is the little droid that could. Screw Chewie, where’s Artoo’s medal? The Phantom Menace shows us the humble beginnings of everyone’s favorite droid; possibly the only origin in the prequels that didn’t get screwed up. R2D2 starts out life aboard Queen Amidala’s ship as a maintenance droid. During the Queen’s escape from Naboo her ship comes under heavy fire from the trade federation blockade. One lucky laser blast knocks out the Queen’s shields, spelling certain death for her and everyone aboard unless the shield generator can be repaired quickly. A group of droids including Artoo are dispatched to the outside of the ship to repair the shield generator. One by one, the droids are picked off by laser fire until only Artoo remains to fix the generator. The little droid manages to come through at the last second, allowing Amidala and her Jedi escorts to escape. This marks the first time that Artoo saves everyone’s bacon. It’s a nice little scene showing that even from the beginning, Artoo is the real hero of the series.

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