Yes, I’m a little late to this recasting party, but I have been discussing this with my friends recently, and realized I needed to put to words what we have discussed.

Jason Momoa. Beautiful, dark, and dangerous (in appearance and roles). I love this man endlessly; he is my  Khal after all. Momoa as Arthur Curry though? Not really who I pictured. Do I think he can do it? Yes. Do I think he is the best man for the job? No.

I think he is a talented actor, but I think there are other options out there that are better choices. So, here is my list, in no particular order:


1. Charlie Hunnam

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.17.31 AMPhysically, he is spot on. Tall, imposing, sculpted, and blonde. He looks like the perfect warrior of the sea and he has shown that he can back up that warrior appearance with his acting. He is fierce, protective, and family driven in “Sons of Anarchy” and he was a fierce, intelligent warrior in “Pacific Rim.” Those are all key elements that make up Aquaman. From his past roles, we know that he can convincingly play the warrior/defender role, and that is a huge part of Arthur Curry’s personality.


2. Alex Prettyfer

peeta02Alex PettyferHe is the ideal person to play if this Aquaman story documents Curry’s earlier years. Alex Prettyfer has played tortured, young characters, like his role in “Beastly,” so he has experience with characters that have pasts that aren’t all that pretty and happy. Prettyfer plays a nice mix of moody and strong without crossing over into the sometimes overly dramatic “Batman pout.” Meaning, he shows how his past has impacted him without coming across as a moody man-child. He would only be my pick if the writers and director chose to tell Arthur Curry’s story from a younger age.


 3. Anson Mount

The Paley Center For Media's Annual Los Angeles BenefitNow, every list my I end up coming up with while talking to my friends usually ends up with a slightly wild choice. This is that wild choice. While he is a bit older and way more brunette than the traditional Aquaman, I still feel that he would do a great job. Mount’s role as Cullen Bohannon in “Hell on Wheels” showcases his ability to pull of the warrior aspects of Curry’s personality. When his family is killed, he sets out for revenge, which would translate well to Curry’s need to defend the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. If the storyline follows the characterization introduced by Peter David in 1993, Mount’s performance as a slightly unhinged, revenge-driven man would work so well with this darker Aquaman. Also, Mount’s rugged looks would work if the story uses David’s newer look rather than the classic, clean-cut appearance. Personally, I think David’s Aquaman would be more interesting cinematically than the traditional Aquaman we would expect.

 4. Alexander Skarsgård

alexander-skarsgard__140110230615-275x391He might be my top alternative pick. He obviously has the look (tall, blonde, and built), and he comes from the gifted Skarsgård clan, meaning he carries quite a bit of talent as well. His time as Eric Northman on “True Blood” has shown that he has that fierce, protector thing down, as well as a tender side, fitting Aquaman’s major personality traits. Now that “True Blood” is over, Skarsgård has the time to commit to launching a new character in a new franchise, and it is clear that he has leading man capabilities, just maybe without his super long vampire hair this time.


 5. Jensen Ackles

jensenOkay, so this one is a little weird too. Yes, he is off physically (shorter, brunette, and a little older looking), but I think his personality fits very well with the role of Aquaman. His very popular role as Dean on “Supernatural” has shown that he can play a character that has a strong sense of family and will go to hell and back (literally) for those he loves and cares about. Curry also feels a strong sense of family and a need to protect, so Ackles’ time as Dean will translate well. Unfortunately, his busy schedule on “Supernatural” will keep him from joining a huge comic franchise for a while.