For those crying out for the return of the most dashingly handsome anime convention field reporter this side of Walter Cronkite, cry no more! After about 2 weeks in between posts, I now bring you: Days 2 and 3 of my Anime Los Angeles coverage! Which I’ve decided to cram together with more thoughts on my first day and rebrand the whole thing as a “retrospective,” in a vain attempt to make this mess look slightly more professional.

There are several reasons for the delay between the first article and this one, chief of which is I’m a lazy bastard (shocking, I know.) Another hurdle to get through was the fact that traveling and using anything but my home’s Wi-Fi seems to be my laptop’s personal brand of kryptonite. After that, I underestimated just how draining it was for someone who rarely ever even leaves the state to re-acclimatize to a normal schedule following a cross country vacation.
But the biggest thing working against me covering this event was… well, frankly, the laziness.

I am Homerkin (Credit: 20th Century Fox/ Matt Groening)

I am Homerkin
(Credit: 20th Century Fox/ Matt Groening)

But coming in at a distant second was the nature of the convention itself, oddly.

I had a small inkling of it on our first day there; with a small con, only a few of the panels on offer interested me, and many of them were timed so far apart from each other. I was beginning to worry that my trip to ALA wouldn’t provide a whole lot of material for decent coverage, but that’s really more of a knock against me than the con itself.
I’ll have to explain what that all means, but first…

Full Disclosure: I didn’t go to Anime Los Angeles to act as Plarko’s official ear to the ground for con coverage. I went so that I could see a bunch of my friends together in the same place at the same time, all while attending my first convention, and then,¬†somehow, if I could fit it in, doing a write up about the whole thing for the website. As I stated in my previous article, this would end up shaping the way I present my findings to you guys, but it also had the side effect of reshaping my work ethic for the weekend too.

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