Disney Infinity 2.0 Review

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Beyond Disney Infinity

In 2011, Activision released an ingenious combination of toys and video games called Skylanders. Hoping to grab a piece of that pie for themselves, Disney Interactive matched that by releasing Disney Infinity on August 18, 2013. Leveraging the full marketing power of the mouse house, and utilizing a bevvy of Disney (mostly Pixar)’s iconic characters, along with a surprisingly in depth creation suite, courtesy of the game’s “Toy Box” mode, it went on to be a smash hit. Selling over 3 million starter packs as of January this year, and likely taking in just as many sales, if not more, from the game’s plentiful character figures and action discs, it’s clear Disney had struck gold with Infinity.

And now, with the release of Disney Infinity 2.0, and the massive multiverse of Marvel super heroes along with it, it’s clear that they’re intent on keeping that gold a’flowing. From a business perspective, it’s a brilliant move: take the already addictive element of collecting the game’s figures and knick knacks, add in the incredibly wide demographic that comes from introducing Marvel’s characters to the mix, and you’ve got a money printer that would make the original Wii jealous.

Now, on a personal note: I’m reviewing this game without ever having played the original Disney Infinity. I was tempted to get it a few times during it’s launch, but the final product didn’t quite justify the higher than average down payment for me. There weren’t enough featured characters and universes that I really wanted to see: no Stitch, no Simba, not even any classic Disney representation, apart from Mickey Mouse.

With the inclusion of Spider-Man and friends, that’s no longer an issue, and it leaves me with an interesting perspective while tackling this review. I can’t compare it to the first Disney Infinity, so it’s going to have to stand as a good game all on its own, independent of its status as a sequel.
And if the recorded preorder numbers are anything to go by, there’s a lotta people who are just now jumping on board the Infinity train for its second run.

But is it a ride worth taking?

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