Is Magneto the worst of the Marvel Comics Villains?

For every hero, there is a villain. It’s how heroes are made. But like superheroes, villains come in all different shapes, sizes, and degrees of crumbling sanity. Marvel Comics has a variety of insane psychopaths, but there are some that rise above the rest.

1. Norman Osborn

The Green Goblin is probably the most insane and cruel villain ever created within the Marvel Universe. Not only did he kill Spider-man’s girlfriend after raping her, but he even tortured his own son because he was Spider-man’s best friend. Norman also boasts being the closest to ever achieve the dream every villain ever seeks: world domination. His drive for power and ability to manipulate others led to the destruction of Asgard and even the creation of the Dark Avengers. Norman Osborn’s psychotic nature and interactions with the rest of the Marvel universe, as well as almost being able to take over the world are what put him at the top of the list.

2. Magneto

As a Jew caught up in the Holocaust, Max Eisenhardt grew up with the mindset that “man always fears what he does not understand.” After changing his name to Erik Lehnsherr and meeting Charles Xavier, the two became best friends. Unfortunately, he ended up taking on the name of “Magneto” and attempted to extinguish the human race based on his belief that humans were inferior to the race of mutants that he represented. As an extremely powerful supervillain who’s caused trouble to no end for the X-Men and humans alike, Magneto definitely deserves his number two spot.

3. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of the most intelligent and evil villains imagined by Marvel. His incredible hatred for Reed Richards caused him to send Richards’ son to hell. As an accomplished magician and adept thinker, Doctor Doom was successfully able to create a suit that was comparable to Iron Man’s and fool even the Beyonder. He is one of the most well-known villains, and is cold-hearted, conniving, and of course, insane.

4. Thanos

Thanos represents the blatant corruption of power. The Infinity Gauntlet was an object of pure power that proceeded to absolutely infect Thanos’ mind. He ended up wiping out half of the life in the entire universe so that he could impress Death, and even created a nuclear disaster on his home planet, which killed his mother. Out of all of Marvel’s villains, Thanos has caused the most deaths and wields absolute power.

5. Loki

As Odin’s adopted son, Loki grew up feeling jealous of his brother Thor and ended up hating him in the process. As a trickster and manipulator who is very adept in magic, Loki doesn’t hesitate to trick others into teaming up with him and attempting to bring down Asgard before betraying them when his plans run afoul. This sorcerer is known as the father of deception and his madness and propensity for trickery is what puts him on this list.