Captain America vs Iron Man: Who Would Win?

With Disney’s announcement that Captain America 3 will follow the Civil War storyline from the pages of Marvel, a showdown between Captain America and Iron Man seems inevitable. Let’s break down several scenarios of how it might pan out. It’s Captain America vs Iron Man! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Tale of the Tape

captain-american-statsCaptain America

  • Identity: Steve Rogers
  • Vitals: 6’2”, 240 lbs, human male
  • Strength: Pinnacle human strength. Can bench-press 800lb.
  • Abilities: Strength, endurance, agility, reflexes, speed, and durability all at the height of human potential. Mastery of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Weaknesses: Subject to all human vulnerabilities, but has accelerated immunity to disease.
  • Weapons: Nearly indestructible shield forged from a vibranium alloy which he uses to repel bullets and hurl toward enemies.

iron-man-statsIron Man

  • Identity: Tony Stark
  • Vitals: 6’1”, 185 lbs, human male
  • Strength: Without armor: normal. Depending on armor choice, he can lift up to 90 times his own weight.
  • Abilities: No superhuman abilities. Genius inventor and engineer.
  • Weaknesses: Subject to all human vulnerabilities. (or perhaps not) 1
  • Weapons: Varies with armor version (Mark) he wears. Arsenal includes: Titanium nitride shell, repulsor rays, energy shield, EMP’s, Uni-Beam, Pulse bolts, Disruptor beam, High-heat threshold.


  • Iron Man does not have the regenerative capabilities he received from Extremis1 story arc. With that advantage, it would be no contest.
  • Objective is to stop the other, but not necessarily kill.

Keys to Victory

Cap Wins if…

Get Iron Man outside of his armor is essential. Sabotaging the computer, draining the power source, or by some other trickery, Cap must get Stark to dump his titanium nitride protection or else he won’t have a way to take him down.

Iron Man Wins if…

After 43 Marks in the MCU, Iron Man has most definitely perfected his weapons of choice. His armor will protect him from direct blows from Cap, though he will need more than a suit’s worth of artillery to be offensive.

Captain America vs Iron Man: Who Would Win?

Scenario 1

The battle between Captain America and Iron Man is expected by both parties. Stark develops weaponry that can neutralize the shield, leaving Cap to fend for himself. The tactician that he is, Cap comes prepared with a trick up his sleeve and debilitates the Iron Man suit. Mano-y-Mano, human Stark vs. superhuman Cap, the win goes to Cap.

Winner: Captain America

Scenario 2

The battle is unexpected and both heroes can only use their everyday arsenal against the other in an inert arena (desert, open field). Repulsor blasts from Iron Man are useless against Cap’s shield, whose vibranium absorbs the energy. Any physical projectiles are repelled as well. Oppositely, Cap’s offensive (throwing his shield) would not likely make a difference to the evasive Iron Man technology.

Iron Man’s ability to fly does not help take down Cap if his long-range weapons are useless, so he must engage in hand-to-hand combat. Although Cap is a skilled tactician and expert fighter, the setting leaves nothing for improvisation. Cap is not able to pry the suit from Stark (like Spidey has in the past). Ultimately, the mechanically enhanced strength of Iron Man is too much for Rogers.

Winner: Iron Man

Scenario 3

The battle is unprompted and both heroes can only use their everyday arsenal against the other in a familiar setting (such as New York City). Like the second scenario, the battle eventually leads to close-range fighting. Unlike that scenario, Captain America uses his military strategy and understanding of his opponent’s moral code to his advantage.

While both heroes value the lives of innocents, Cap’s war-seasoned philosophy does not leave the death of an opponent off the table. Iron Man, on the other hand, has only killed by accident or under the influence of another. This is a slight advantage for Cap.

Using the familiar setting to his advantage, Cap would develop a strategy to take Iron Man down. Lead him into the sewers, a nuclear reactor or the nearest bar. Iron Man, however, is still no fool. He is wise enough to know the limitations of his armor and would avoid situations that would entrap him.

Despite a longer and more even fight, Iron Man’s strength and armor would take down the golden boy in an eventual hand-to-hand rumble.

Winner: Iron Man



1the Extremis story arc endowed Stark with the ability to regenerate organs